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I picked up a couple of the flavor packets to try in my bc recipe, but haven't yet. I would like to know if anyone has tried them.
It looks like a lot of liquid, too. The WASC I use has only 1 cup of liquid and no oil. (just the 1 C. flour, sugar, and sour cream.)
How about marshmallow cream? Would that hold up?
bmarlow, You can find clear contact paper at any Walmart or store with household stuff. It is just a sticky clear plastic that comes in a roll; I don't know how else to describe it. It's usually around the shelf liners.(And thank you for the comment on my cakes.)
You could probably just stretch the fabric tightly over the board and use some strong tape on the bottom instead of an adhesive spray.
I like to match my cake boards to the cake design. I use wrapping papers, fabrics, and foils.I start with 1/2" foam core. If I am using a paper, I just cut it a little larger than the board, and make little slits along the edge so I can fold the paper down over the board and tape it to the bottom. If I am using fabric, I first spray the board with some spray adhesive, and then smoothe out the fabric. I then fold the fabric over the edge of the board and tape it to the...
I bought an extra mix and weighed out the 1.75 oz. difference in mix. It is 1/3 cup (heaping). However the new mix did not rise like the old. I used to get four 6" layers that were domed above the pan to make a nice 2" finished layer. With the new mix-and the added 1/3 cup of mix- the layers barely rose to the top of the pan and sunk in the middle. I am upset by the change.I should have said that I'm using this in a WASC recipe.
Yes, totally worth the money!
Maybe some simiple animal shapes...rolling fondant balls for heads, bodies, etc. I've done this with kids and each child got to pick an animal they wanted to finish their cake with...bunnies, teddy bears, ducks...all are pretty easy.
I love the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa can. It's yummy, it crusts so I can smooth with VIVA, and it's easy-peasy. I've attached a pic so you can see the color it comes out.
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