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And how about Kindle Fire...
I actually froze a decorated cake recently. My friend wanted a first communion cake for her grandson. Trouble was we were both going on a trip (to Supai, AZ-beautiful waterfalls!) until the Sat. night before the service. I baked the cake, and although I usually freeze my cakes before decorating, this time I did not because I didn't want to freeze it twice. I covered it with buttercream, smoothed as usual and added some simple buttercream decorations. I boxed it up and...
Unless you're using perishable fillings, I don't see any need to refrigerate a cake.
Fondant decorations on buttercream work fine as long as you don't cover the finished cake in an airtight plastic container.Most of my cakes are buttercream with fondant decorations. I just put my finished cakes in boxes. The icing keeps them from going stale. Once the cake is cut, you can put the leftovers in plastic containers because it won't matter how it looks anymore.
Freezer paper-shiny side out- is quick and easy
Yes, the PME pearl spray works really well. You just have to make sure you get the bc really smooth because the sheen of the spray highlights any imperfections.
Also, you might trim the cake smaller so it puts no pressure on the sides of the shell.
I leave any fondant decorations off until the last possible minute.
I picked up a couple of the flavor packets to try in my bc recipe, but haven't yet. I would like to know if anyone has tried them.
It looks like a lot of liquid, too. The WASC I use has only 1 cup of liquid and no oil. (just the 1 C. flour, sugar, and sour cream.)
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