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I think it's so much easier to do that.BTW can't wait to see your cake. I've missed seeing your perfect buttercream.
I do the opposite of kimbm...I use the foil only for cupcakes that I bake for others because I like the appearance. I keep the white paper liners for family baking
Welcome to Cake Central, and eventually to the U.S. I'm not from NM, so I can't help you with any info about baking there.
Emailed the Reynolds Kitchens about this question. Here is the reply I got:Dear Helen:Thank you for your inquiry regarding Reynolds® Foil Baking Cups.Reynolds Foil Baking Cups are packed with paper separators to prevent the foil cups from fusing together during manufacturing. These paper separators should be removed before filling the foil baking cups with batter.Reynolds Foil Baking Cups are strong enough to be placed directly on a cookie sheet without the need for a...
I usually remove the paper liners.
It works fine. Indy has even said here on CC that she didn't notice when Crisco took out the trans fats. It's a good bc, esp in the summer heat.
SPS is the support system you need. It's inexpensive and easy to use. Your cakes won't collapse.
I've done something similar twice. I used PVC pipe for the tower, a styrofoam piece for the top piece, and RKT for the roof base. Like mbranko24, I wanted lots of time to work on the towers/house. I covered my PVC tower with fondant and used an impression mat for bricks.
Just a note about the board. I looked at your picture. The cake appears to be on one of those Wilton-type silver cake boards. They are not sturdy enough to hold a cake of the size is it is going to be moved.BTW, the cake is really cute. Your figures and lettering are perfect.
If you don't want to use fondant, try wrapping paper or fabric. I cover the board with that then contact paper. I make sure the cake is on a separate cake board that I place on top of the contact paper so the cake is not in direct contact. You can do lots of neat things with paper and fabric:fabric:
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