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You need to make sure you have 4" tiers. You can buy the longer legs and trim them if the tier is not 4".
Also, I just remembered this little cake I made for my great niece...I used paper towel rolls as the form for fondant towers. I covered the rolls in waxed paper, formed the fondant around them, and slid them off after about 24 hours so the inside would dry as well.
They are supported by using the 2 1/2" globe separators from Wilton. Like she ^^^ said, all of the directions are in the Wilton yearbook. I made one for my granddaughter's birthday. It was a tall as she was!
Yes, I was going to suggest what she ^^^ said. I made one using cake cones, "glued" end to end for the towers with sugar cones for the turrets. One little suggestion: set the cones out for a couple of days so they will get stale. They will be easier to work with. Also, if you cover them with melted chocolate or candy melts, they won't swell and crack if they have already absorbed some moisture from the air.Here's the one I did in this...
The converse template can be found here: just followed the directions I gave in my post above. I copied the template to Microsoft Publisher. The image opened about 1/3 the size of the page. I enlarged it to fill the whole page. The resolution was very good. I do this all the time to use templates from CC.I hope this helps.
You need to "copy" (use the right mouse button, then highlight "copy") the image and "paste" it into a program like Publisher or Word. Then you can increase or decrease the size as needed, and print from that program.
I have very good luck using Wilton fondant with Tylose powder added. I don't use Wilton for covering cakes (most of mine are bc, anyway) but it's great for figures.Some of my favorites:
I use the displacement method if ther is other liquid in the recipe:I use the WASC recipe here on CC. It calls for one cup of water and one cup of sour cream. In a two cup measuring cup, I fill it with one cup of water and then spoon in the sour cream until the water reaches the 2 cup line.
I hope this isn't a silly question, but are you sitting the cake on a level place in your car? Sometimes when my family comes to my house to pick up a cake, they want to set the box in the car seat. Car seats are not level! I usually have to wait while they clean out some other place-floor, trunk, cargo area -to set the cake.
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