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Most of my cakes are buttercream with fondant decorations. As long as you don't store the finished cake in an airtight plastic container until time to cut it, you'll be okay. I usually store mine in boxes.
I don't think they're creepy. I brush the powder color on dry.
I buy plastic cutting sheets at the Dollar Tree. They come two in a package, and when they get messed up I can still use them for cutting veggies, etc. I throw them in the dishwasher. Also, they are excellent for rolling out small quantities of fondant for decorations because fondant doesn't stick to them.
I think that just looks like shadows. They are too perfectly round, and they graduate in size around to the right of the picture.
I measured the cake mix out by weight, and it's about 1/3 cup.
Could you bake a shallower dome shape and sit it on a round layer...a two-layer breast?
We only do a little piping. I do have a reference sheet with pictures of the basics that I forgot all about until you mentioned it.. (My class is not a Wilton-type class.)
Hello Krista,I teach some classes through our community ed program. One is a basic class-icing, smoothing, VIVA-I have a detailed handout for that but there are few pictures on it. It is a step by step written guide to everything we actually do in class so they won't forget the steps when they get home.On other classes -like a simple purse cake or different fondant bows, I actually make the cake/item and take photos of the steps. I use those pix for the lesson guide.Hope...
Maybe when you scrape the sides your bence scaper is not at a true right angle. Maybe it's wobbling a little.Does this make sense?
When I am adding fondant decorations to a bc cake, I usually use Wilton fondant. It has enough "body" to hold its shape while transferring it to the cake. It is a little pricey, but the colors are bright, and the texture is good-and it probably won't be eaten anyway. Many people make marshmallow fondant, but I find it too soft to work with, although it tastes pretty good.For the cake you have the link to, some of the items- Mickey's ears, the stars on wires, the stars...
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