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Thank you both for your input I do appreciate it!
I am making cupcakes for my neighbors foster child. She wants the fishbowl cupcakes like in the Hello Cupcake book. She wants 24. I have no clue what to charge because I don't make for others on a regular basis and never cupcakes. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Im attaching a pic of ones I did before. I will be using nerds instead of nuts because it is for a 2yr old.
Thanks for the help everyone. I will check out those links tallgood- that sounds like something I would do, lol
Is there a way to speed up the drying process of royal icing? I am about to make and decorate some and should be done in a few hours but would like to deliver them tomorrow but could wait till Weds if I had to.Thanks in advance,Tabitha
Thank you I will try the Rose.It was Indydebi's icing. It is sooo good! and easy!
Can someone PLEASE help me. I need a dark/hot pink and I have tried everything. Does anyone have any clue what colors I can mix to get that color?Oh and thanks for the tip on the icing recipe. It worked great. I cant remember how to spell the name of the one who posted it but its Indy something I think. I will look it up shortly and thank that person properly.
Thank you. I never thought about that.
Thanks everyone. I will try them.
I have been making frosting for a very long time with just a simple recipe my aunt gave me. crisco, vanilla, powdered sugar, salt water. The last few times I have made it, It was either to thick or to thin and would slide. I am making my neices cake for her 2nd Bday this weekend and am looking for an easy/simple recipe. For a good icing. I am using the Abby Cadabby shape pan so alot of the design will be stars. Can you suggest a good easy recipe to use? Perferably...
I ended up making 1 big "box" of popcorn and used red & white fondant for the box. & marshmellows & yellow spray icing for the popcorn. It wasn't perfect but the kids loved it.I bet you could find red & white striped cupcake papers for the cups.
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