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Thanks so much for the feedback. I will continue looking and see what I can find as well on the Internet.
Hello out there, I have a request to do a cake that looks like a carton of milk. Has anyone ever done one and if so any pics? I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Does anyone ever ship cakes. I live in Maryland and someone wants me to ship to Michigan a wedding cake. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Is there anyone who uses organic ingredients and do you have any cake, cookie, biscotti, tart, etc. recipes.
Any idea what type of icing this is. If so, does it smooth like buttercream?HELP.
I have the same questions and will be curious to see what the responses are. I have been asked to do the same thing here in Maryland I am just clueless how to go about pricing.
So wonderful. Your cake is beautiful. Congrats!
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