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Thanks for your help. I will try both and let you know how it turns out.
12 x 18 double layered sheet cake. I want to make a female with bell bottoms and the 70s look and put an afro on her head. Thanks.
Any suggestions?
Thanks kakeladi for your response. I really appreciate it!
Help! I need to do a four layer strawberry shortcake for a new client and I would like a really, really good recipe. He is a potential client to bring more business. Thanks!
Jenna B- which model do you have as I went on their site and they have several to choose from.
Beck30 - which model did you purchase from Harbor Freight because I called and they have several there.
Leahs which brand do you have?
I am looking to purchase a Kopy Kake airbrush machine and wondered what is the difference between the smaller black one (8-10 psi) and the larger red one which has a much higher psi.
I have a client here in Maryland who is looking for someone to do a wedding cake on October 19, 2008 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The number of people is 125. She would like a square cake with pound cake and cream cheese filling. Her colors are purple and silver. I have a picture of the cake she would like. Let me know if anyone has an interest in doing this cake. Thanks so much.
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