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Is doing a Nike shoe cake considered infringement?
Has anyone ever used the whimsical cake pans found on this site?
I would love the recipe as well. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for all your help! I am still looking for a purse template if one exists.
I must have missed it. I looked through the entire gallery and could not find one.
Hi out there. I am looking for high heel shoe templates and purse templates, preferably small ones for 6 and 9 inch stacked cakes. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance.
I have a wedding cake coming up and the bride is looking for some flower sprays with ivory roses, freesia, white lisianthus, and greenery tp go the top of the cake and on the tiers of the cakes. Can I get some information on best places to order these type of gumpaste flowers. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you all for the wealth of information. I truly appreciate it.
I have a wedding tasting this week and looking to create an invoice/order form for weddings/cake orders. Can anyone share their form with me as a guide. I would really appreciate it.
I have that magazine. Let me know if you need the recipe and I will type it up for you. E-mail me at
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