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Excellent !!
I agree. When I do chocolate lollipops, I "color" in the cavities, quick freeze the entire mold by placing it in the freezer, then fill with the "majority" color and refrigerate to set. Hope that helps.
Wow it really looks great !
The proper pricing would be valuable information if anyone could help us out. Outside of sheet and round cakes, it gets pretty confusing. I will be watching for the info to post, thanks in advance for your help. Great topic Polly !
Yes yes this is great! Fun for all I'm definitely gonna enter something. Thanks guys.
Any kind of contest or throwdown for newbies would be cool.... but I'm with Tashablueyes on that anonymous tip otherwise it might become the best of the worst or something. LOL!
I just posted one called "sweet potato" and I saw another one called "sweet potato pound cake" so take a look in the recipes tab and I hope one works for you.
I was wondering how the fondant stays on but I never thought to use glaze. Now I see it will stay on with or without it, I gotta try it.
Wow I really thought they were the same thing.
Great concept but my computer is no where near the kitchen. I could sit in on classes but would not be able to share.
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