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Very professional looking! If you would not have said something about being a novice... I would have never guessed it!! KUDOS and good luck to you in the future...looks like you've found your calling we can keep it going!! Is there a tech support number to call?!
I JUST sent an email through the contact page!! I'm just glad that it's just not me!! So others are able to access the site from computers other than their home? That's what's happening to me...I cannot access Cakecentral AT ALL from home I use Firefox and I tried IE - now I'm at work and we use IE....someone said something about Google Chrome...never used it...let's hope they see this and FIX IT SOON!!!!!
Thanks Tiffany!!
Good Morning All! I searched the cookie forums and did not seem to find my answer...I am having trouble with my RI...even when I make it according to the recipe, it is too flowing....for outlining and such...(it oozes out of the tip and makes a MESS) so I was wondering....Will it be a problem to cut back on the water...say to 1/2 that it will be thicker? That shouldn't be a problem, right? I can always thin it out to flood the cookie...I just don't want it to ooze...
prterrell....I took a petit four class a while back and I can tell you this...the cooling rack makes a difference too!! U want to get the ones that have small (tight) holes in them, so that way the cakes are less likely to 'fall over' once you have glazed them and they are drying. After my class, I made a trial batch and I didn't have much success due to not having the correct cooling racks...but they were yummy! And I agree with MUST use FROZEN...
Has anyone made MINI whoopie pies? I just thought maybe they would be easier to handle decorate and more appealing to the public as they would not be so BIG...
where are you from 11cupcakes?
So parchment paper is better for the transfer not to stick? Someone else recommended that to me also... I had to do my transfer 3 times before I COMPLETELY got the darned thing away from the waxed paper...but I loved doing it!!
I just did one about a week ago...they can be tricky if they are not completely frozen!Here's the tutorial: make sure that you leave that transfer in the freezer for AT LEAST 24 hours...but it is well worth the work!! HTH and Good Luck!!
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