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Hi, The best way to make luster dust from any matt color used is to add some pearl dust to the color. I have done this with all of my colors, no need to go and buy special luster dust. That way you will always have matching luster dust to whatever color you are working with. I know this works with the chalk as well as the petal dust you can buy.
I have dusted the top of the cake under the wax paper with powder sugar and that also helps it not to stick.
Perishable means it will spoil at room temperature
Hi Everyone, I don't post very often sometimes I just read the posts late at night. But this week I finished my daughter's personal shower cake. This was not a hard cake nor a very large one, but everything that could have gone wrong managed to happen. I finally finished it at nine this evening just in time for tomorrow's event. When my my head stops spinning I will take a picture and send it.   Happy baking, Wildrose6633
You'll do fine. Try a practice run with something round already like a paper doily. It gives you an idea of what you will need to do with other materials.
You are soooooo awesome Thank you
I like the idea of the cupcakes with the drinks, but since the drinks are so sweet already perhaps you might want to offer something savory along with them. Such as bruchetta or some sort of salty chip such as naked pita chips. Especially for those who might not want something more sweet.
I'm so happy I was able to help you.
Jennifer I kept looking and Petalcrafts has the same design, if you were to buy only one and then plus shipping would that be too much? I think it is cheaper than the last place I mentioned. They only have the one leaf it's under embellished molds. Hope this helps. Wildrose
Oh I'm so sorry, I wish you could purchase them. I just wanted to share the info because I knew the mold shape. I hope you can find it somewhere else. Wildrose6633
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