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I have 3 cake orders I have to fill and turned down 2. I'm taking a break!! It feel so good to say NO!
Thanks mensch. I think that is the answer!
I'm ready to tell everyone that wants a cake to go fly a kite! All my cakes are mostly for friends. I know that is my #1 problem right there. Most of my friends can't afford very expensive cakes so I always end up cutting huge deals and they know it! I'm not upset about that part. It is a joy for me to be able to make something for them and gain the experience. They are always very appreciative.What really ticks me off is when someone asks me to do a cake and we work some...
I have someone asking for a dark chocolate cake and a chocolate cake. I have a great chocolate cake recipe but not a DARK chocolate. Anyone have a good recipe? I prefer mix recipe.
Found it! This is where I got mine. It's the cheapest I found. They are great![url][/url]
I got some last year but can't remember where I ordered them from. I'll get back to you.
catlharper do your kids attend CCS? Just curious because I think our pinewood derby is tomorrow as well. Just finished my first 4 tiered cake!! Yippee. Turned out way bigger than expected but I know my friend is going to be very excited over it. I am very happy with the results. [/img]
This is just incredible!! One really quick question. Can you use any coloring for color like Americolor gel? I have a wedding cake with a large red bow. Does the amount of color added effect the outcome.
Thanks I think I have to start torting then. I agree dkelly I like a taller tier.
I had the same problem. I posted a note on my FB page and had all my friends send in names they liked. Then I picked the top 5 that I liked and had them all vote. The winner got a free cake but I did reserve the right to change the name if I didn't like it You would be amazed at how creative some people are and if they are your friends they would know you better than any of us on CC. Just thought that might be a creative way to help you get the juices flowing.
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