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James, So very sorry to hear about your mom! Such a very hard time to go through. I love your idea of cookies as thank yous. I'll have to keep that one in mind. When I'm grieving I want to cook...not eat what I cook but I want to cook. A way to keep my mind and hands busy.  Take care of yourself!   Cat
Hi everyone!   Sorry I didn't check in again on the weekend...I'd packed up my laptop to bring with us and my hubby forgot to grab it so I had no computer all weekend! So here's catching up:   Mimi! Love the two cakes you posted! The "cupcake" is SO pretty!   Manic...that's just heartbreaking! To go to all of that and have it fall! Beautiful cake tho!   Cara...I'm dying to know the same thing..any Jack in that cake? your garden pretty!...
Reen and Mimi...Wow! Amazing purse/she cake Reen! You got the texture just right! And your white on white. Keep saying I'm going to try that someday...I think you've inspired me for my birthday cake this year! Just so lovely!   Lcubed...SO ambitious! I can't wait to see it!   Cat
Oh Frosted Moon! You have me laughing SO hard! I SOOOOO have those stress dreams too! I hardly slept last night...kept waking up and putting the decorating steps in order before telling myself to SHUT UP and go back to sleep! LOL!  I'm not sure I've done a cake in the last 7 years where I haven't wondered what the heck I got myself into!    I do have a particular fondness for Alice In Wonderland. My younger daughter had the same theme for her Bridal Shower. SO much fun...
Hi everyone,I've spent my week working on my granddaughter's FROZEN themed party treats. I made chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzel rods along with "ice shards" chocolate "bark" and, of course, the cake! We head down early tomorrow morning for the party so I may not get a chance to log in before the afternoon! Hope to see lots of cakes tonight! Cat
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if you can!   Hope to see lots of photos tonight!   Cat
Hi everyone!   Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can!   Apologies for being late...we were celebrating in downtown Monterey tonight and it pushed a bit later than we had planned!   Hope everyone is doing well!   Cat
Hi on mobile and have no idea how to post a new FNCC so give me 45 mins...9pm PST ...and I will log in! Cat
Hello everyone!  We are in Sonoma! It's just gorgeous here...taking massive amounts of photos. Today my hubby and I get to go wine tasting while our younger daughter takes her little brother and her own son swimming at the hotel pool.    Anyways, just wanted to take a moment to comment upon a few things:   Cazza, I didn't quite have enough time to let the flags on the sticks dry on the string before the cake was due. The idea to put a hanging banner as a topper as well...
I have to do a similar background cake myself in a couple of you have recommendations on how to do the icicles?  Also, your suns are TOO cute!   Cat
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