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Matty!! I'm a Disney Freak so, of course, I adore your cake!   Dukeswalker...that sounds like quite a lot of work! Please put up photos when you are done? And, yes, Humid is so much worse than hot!   James...wonderful job with the upside down and backwards! That's a trick all in itself. Hope it holds to the party!   See ya'll in the morning!   Cat
Awww...I love your little nest and bird! SO sweet!
Hi everyone,   No cakes yet this week. I am making one tomorrow for a family dinner. Nothing too crazy but I never waste a chance to play!    We started Fall Baseball tonight...on the first day that it actually felt like Fall in Northern California. We've had over 100 degree days for weeks and today was a high of 76. NICE! Unfortunately it's not supposed to hold and we'll be back in the 90's next week. SIGH.   Hope everyone is doing well tonight!   Cat
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share photos of their work, share their week, ask for help or provide help if they can! Hope to see lots of great cakes this weekend.   Cat
The Italian Baker: That is a gorgeous dessert table! A very beautiful cake (awesome flowers!) for the centerpiece! Congrats on your first professional order for your OWN business! May this lead to many many more!   Cat
Reen! SO cute! Love your little critters! I do hope you are feeling so much better! Please do take care as much as you can and we'll see you back here next week.   Cat
Julia,   My dad use to say that comparing yourself to others is useless because there will always be someone better than you...and always someone worse. Compare yourself to yourself only. See how far YOU have come in your work. With each cake I learn something new, get a little more experienced and do a little better. For instance, I use to just get mentally panicky when I'd think of covering a cake in fondant. It really stressed me out. But now it's just something that...
Julia!   Your cake is amazing! I think you are MUCH better than your words let on. Thank you for your kind words to's been a hard week.   Cat
Hi everyone!    I came back in this morning and I'm so glad I did! Wow! The cakes are all AHHHHH-MAZING! My eyes are popping!     But the reason I came by was to tell you what I discovered! They are acetate smoothers for fondant. Now, they are sold out right now but she's ordered another shipment and I'll be getting mine as soon as she does! Go to this link to check it out and also click on the photo of the smoothers and watch the tutorial link...
Gerle, Yes, I'm still going to be here every Friday night! I'll still be making cakes too but just not for sale. I think I'm going to be working on demo cakes so I can take as much time as I want and work on new techniques as slow as I want to be able to do so. The problem with doing client cakes is that it's on a short time schedule and my hand just won't take it. I end up with a very sore hand after even simple cakes now. But with a demo cake I can take 2-3 weeks and no...
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