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Meg, I do love the embroidery cake! It just looks like it's real embroidery! But I'm truly in love with your birds of paradise! SO pretty! LOL on the smores I'm tempted to do one too! I don't have a torch either so I'm going to have to figure that one out first!   Ana, your pig cake is simply adorable! Great job on the balloon! The "lines" in the fence is what does it for me. That little bit of extra detail just makes it all come together for me.   Cat
Hi everyone! Can NOT believe that this is the last FNCC of the Summer! It literally FLEW past! I have two more cakes before my break (Frozen and Lego cakes for the 14th) but other than that I'm free for a few weeks to work on my photography.   No cake this week but lots of fun in my other career! Went to the Rib Cook Off in Reno which was very good eats!    Hope to see lots of beautiful work this week.    Cat
Hi everyone!   Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can. Hope to see lots of photos tonight!   Cat
Hi everyone!   Well, it's been some kinda 3 days in our family. Our little nephew was unresponsive for 19 hours. He had 22 seizures in 24 hours and two of those were grand mal seizures. Very very scary! We had a house full of people here but all is well again. He was released today after having a full day without any seizures and reacting well to the anti-seizure meds. Such a scary time for all of us but we are breathing easier tonight!   Thank you all for your well...
Wow, Matty, it's hard to pick my favorite! I'm a huge Disney fan so maybe the Minnie cake? I love them all!   Cat   ps...yes, my nephew is a trooper but this leveled him. It was SO scary!
Hi everyone!   It's been one hell of a week here. Wednesday night my 7 year old nephew with mild cerebral palsy started having seizures and ended up in a coma. Over 24 hours he had 17 seizures that we know of and probably a few that we missed. He's in the hospital, since Thursday morning, and as of today is back to being himself. They have done a barrage of testing and we are awaiting the results now. Needless to say, up till about 3 minutes ago, we had a house full of...
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can!   Cat
James, So very sorry to hear about your mom! Such a very hard time to go through. I love your idea of cookies as thank yous. I'll have to keep that one in mind. When I'm grieving I want to cook...not eat what I cook but I want to cook. A way to keep my mind and hands busy.  Take care of yourself!   Cat
Hi everyone!   Sorry I didn't check in again on the weekend...I'd packed up my laptop to bring with us and my hubby forgot to grab it so I had no computer all weekend! So here's catching up:   Mimi! Love the two cakes you posted! The "cupcake" is SO pretty!   Manic...that's just heartbreaking! To go to all of that and have it fall! Beautiful cake tho!   Cara...I'm dying to know the same thing..any Jack in that cake? your garden pretty!...
Reen and Mimi...Wow! Amazing purse/she cake Reen! You got the texture just right! And your white on white. Keep saying I'm going to try that someday...I think you've inspired me for my birthday cake this year! Just so lovely!   Lcubed...SO ambitious! I can't wait to see it!   Cat
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