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I'm sort of not really here tonight. I'm sick...just a cold but I'm just hangin in here but probably not for long. Only one cake for me this week and that was just a family one so nothing special. I'm off to bed soon (hoping to stay there for at least 12 hours) but I'll be around all weekend. Let me know how you are doing!   Cat
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if possible! Hope to see lots of photos tonight!   Cat
Hi Everyone! Great to come back in and see even MORE spooky cakes! How much fun considering the season! LOL!   The reason I'm back tho' is to see if any of the Pro-cakers are near Macon Georgia? I have had a request from someone there and would love to recommend someone I "know".   Thanks! Cat
Morgan, love the Super Hero cake! My guys would LOVE that (yes, even the 50'something one would!LOL!)   Julia, LOVE your hippo! SO cute! We don't have that show over here but I'm sure the little one was very pleased with the name change! As for the time zone...yup..I'm on Pacific Time and London is an 8 hours later for us. So it's 1pm here, 9pm for you. That means when I start posting at around 8pm on Friday night for me it's 4am for you! I wouldn't expect you to be...
Oh my, Autumnwind! Yeah...a bit morbid indeed! Is the tombstone fondant? I have one coming up for a H'ween party and haven't decided what I'm doing about the tombstone. I do love the toes!!!   As for our early rising...yeah...originally I was told it would be Friday nights so it was ok...but now it's Saturday mornings! UGH. So I take my laptop, sign into their wifi and usually edit photos for 2 hours. I have more than enough from the work trips I took this summer to last...
Good Morning everyone! As usual, it's wonderful to come back in here Saturday morning and see all of the great cakes!   Meg: All of your cakes are beautiful (are the Box Trolls really that big??) but the Henna ones are knocking me off of my feet! SO beautiful!   Shell!!! WOW! To have your cake spotlighted on such a big "stage" is amazing!!! And your Doc McStuffins cake....I know a whole lotta people who would be just SOOOO happy if that was their party cake! Wonderful...
Matty!! I'm a Disney Freak so, of course, I adore your cake!   Dukeswalker...that sounds like quite a lot of work! Please put up photos when you are done? And, yes, Humid is so much worse than hot!   James...wonderful job with the upside down and backwards! That's a trick all in itself. Hope it holds to the party!   See ya'll in the morning!   Cat
Awww...I love your little nest and bird! SO sweet!
Hi everyone,   No cakes yet this week. I am making one tomorrow for a family dinner. Nothing too crazy but I never waste a chance to play!    We started Fall Baseball tonight...on the first day that it actually felt like Fall in Northern California. We've had over 100 degree days for weeks and today was a high of 76. NICE! Unfortunately it's not supposed to hold and we'll be back in the 90's next week. SIGH.   Hope everyone is doing well tonight!   Cat
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share photos of their work, share their week, ask for help or provide help if they can! Hope to see lots of great cakes this weekend.   Cat
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