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@julia1812  Thanks! I figured that is what I'm going to have to do. I had already planned to do this with the large emblem but was hoping against hope that there would be a small cookie cutter out there for the little ones!   @petitecat LOVE your cake! He's SOOOO much fun! I have no clue how you made him but he's wonderful!   Cat
Good morning everyone!   @Pastrybaglady I adore that cake! I made one for a retiree a few years ago and I know that those chairs are not the easiest things to make. Love your waves! Can't wait to see your other version!   @julia1812 Those TMNT cupcake are just the cutest! I have a question on the super hero ones...did you have a cutter for the batman themed ones? I have a cake coming up in April and will need to do something similar.   Love seeing everyone's...
Hi everyone! More cake plans were set but absolutely no baking happened this week. I've spent the past two days sick so I'm grateful that I didn't have a cake lined up for this week!   Hope you all are doing absolutely wonderfully!   Cat
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to tell us about your week, share your work, photos of your work, ask for help or provide help if you can!   Cat
@Pastrybaglady Those are SO cute! I might pick your brain when we get closer to the end of April. My son has his 14th coming up and it's camo themed...COD I'm thinking of giving cookies a try. That way if they don't work out it doesn't matter! LOL! But I know absolutely nothing about decorating cookies so I will need help!   Cat
@CatherineGeorge your flower looks simply amazing! Wow!   @Marian64 My older brother is like me...all different types of mediums but even I was floored by this one...SO beautiful!   @julia1812 What a pretty feminine little cake! I have one like that coming up...just a little birthday thing for a the "messy ruffles" idea!   Hope you all have a simply wonderful week!   Cat
@mattyeatscakes LOVE the cupcakes! But I'm a big Disney fan so they make me laugh.    My brother has always been a painter but, like me, his art goes in many different directions. He's done jewelry as well as these amazing carved walking sticks that sold very well while he was doing them. His "day job" is even artistic. He helps real estate people "dress" their homes for sale. So he brokers things like custom rugs and decor. His wife is an agent so it was a natural...
Whoa slow night for the Fncc! LOVE the Peppa Pig! My granddaughter loves this character!    Cat
Hi everyone! Sorry I got a late start! My oldest brother came by with his wife to bring our son a custom painted electric guitar. It was a gift for getting his black belt. My brother does this amazing work and surprised our son with the guitar, amp and case. Simply amazing. Anyways...soon my mom was here and my niece (my brothers daughter) and her two kids and our house was bursting!    Hope everyone had a wonderful week!   love, Cat
Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share photos of their work, talk about their week, ask for help or provide help if they can!   Cat
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