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ill try that thanks
i made some modling chocolate   yesterday and its too soft and i dont know how to make it more firm.
im not a pro baker but i do get quite a few requests for cakes and then some months im lucky if i can get 1 order. i want to decorate cakes full time but cant figure out how to get through the slow months, does anyone have ideas on how to keep an income? do you sell other items or just cakes?
thank you for your replys.
im making fondant for the first time and am wondering how early i can cover my cakes?
thank you very much.
im making a wedding cake and have never put real flowers on a cake. she wants stephonis castcading on one side. how do you put them on and keep them fresh? Do those cake pic things work? can you bundle more than one in a pic? tips and ideas please.
im self taught, and love to make gum paste decorations. im trying to figure out priceing for the added decorations, can anyone tell me how you charge? any suggestions help. thanks
Ok i have been asked to make a wedding cake in september. Its gonna be fun, my only problem is that she wants a silver cake stand. she wants it to be cheap, sadly i have not found any that are not in a low budget. any suggestions on what to do or where i can get one?
thank you. I was debating on the teal and aqua as well.
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