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Try using royal icing
Stand your ground and don't budge!
I just went on their website. It's sold out.
Are you using royal icing? No it should not bleed just make sure to be careful and don't smear it or you will have a mess.
I wanted to know what's the best clay gun to purchase? Mine just broke and was looking to purchase another very soon. Any suggestions?
I wouldn't even respond to that foolish email. I would laugh it off and keep it moving. That email doesn't deserve a reply.
Definitely make sure in the future all your cakes are paid for in advance. Then you won't be out of money and time. Once they have paid then they are obligated to come and pick up their cake because they paid for it.
I use water for the boards and lay the fondant on top. And then let it dry.
Can you contact her and confront her about stealing your work and claiming it as her own?
Hi, sorry to hear about that but you might want to start using the SPS system. Which Leah S. swears by and other cakers too. It will eliminate the movement of the cake. Don't quit it has happen to all of us.
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