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Done with decorated sugar cookies, will start making french macarons tomorrow, I'm thinking about chocolate mint, eggnog latte and vanilla bean for the flavors.
I tried it, for me it's way too big for regular size cake pops/balls. I bought this donut maker because I thought the babycakes cake pops machine was too small for cake pops, but after dipping them with chocolate, it's about the right size. So I like my babycakes machine better than my donut maker better.
Thanks jjkarm. I'll visit Orson Gygi, their website looks very interesting. I don't look for anything particular, I just like to visit every cake decorating store every time I go on vacation
I am going to Utah next week for vacation. I'm just wondering if there's any great cake supply store over there. Please let me know. Thank you.
I tried the machine today, I'm a little disappointed because the balls are so tiny compare to the one I usually make. I like my "Nostalgia Donut Hole Maker" better, it produce bigger cake balls, a little too big though, but I think it's better. I bought 3 babycakes machines my sister doesn't want it after she saw the result. Well since I already use it, I'll keep mine, I can use it if I want to make small balls someday, but will return the other 2 unused ones.
Mine just arrived today, so happy, cannot wait to try it. I ordered 2 of them from Kohl online, it's on sale for $19.99. I also used the 20% coupon plus free shipping for order more than $75.00.
Thank you everyone. I will ask my sister to thaw them in the fridge before bring them to room temperature. Hopefully this way will prevent them from cracking and dull looking.
I need to make 50 cake balls for my sister's birthday party next month. I'm not going to her party. She lives out of town. She's going to visit me next week and I will give the cake balls to her. She will put them in the freezer for about 2 weeks and thaw them for the party. I'm not sure if the cake balls will still look good then. Anybody has done it before? Please advice. Thank you.
Thanks Chelly. That's another great idea. Unfortunately I'm not that good with piping, I'll try to make a mold first.
I always use simple syrup.
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