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Hi..I am doing a 3 tiered cake in early Nov but want to bake the layers soon. What is the best way to do this? Do I torte them first or just freeze them once they're baked? Should I wrap them in saran? I don't want to goof on these cakes as they are for my parents 50th anniversary. The last time I froze a cake it became all sticky as it unthawed.TIA
Hi..Goldas is a store here in the Toronto area and they have their own brand of fondant. I wasn't sure if it was comparable to Satin Ice.
Hi there.Have any of you tried Goldas Fondant? I'm making my parents 50th anniversary cake and thought I'd buy fondant instead of making it. I was thinking of either Satin Ice or Goldas. I haven't tried either one. The cake is going to be in ivory with gold accents. I definately want it to taste good along with being easy to work with.Any suggestions?TIA
Can anyone help?!? wasn't was very soft and tearing.
Hi everyone..I made MMF today and added some candy melts to it to get the right colour and for some reason it was very soft. I tried adding more P.S to it but it didn't seem to help. It torn and rippled on the cake. I'm hoping when I wake up in the morning there isn't anything else wrong with it. I've made this before without any problems so I'm not sure what I did wrong this time.I have my parents 50th anniversary cake to make next month and definately don't want this...
Hi all! I'm in the GTA! A bit too far from Durham but wanted to say Hi to my fellow Canadians!
Hi..try this She makes all sorts of fantastic cakeballs among other things..
Hi there..You can buy sticks at Michaels or even the $ store. Kraft has a recipe for caramel apples. You can also buy the caramel wraps at some groceries stores.HTH..
YUM! That sounds awesome! Just add a bit of Nutella at a time till you can roll the cake into balls. You may have to thin the chocolate out a bit but it might be okay if you heat it over a double boiler.Good luck!
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