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wow Tracy i can't believe it i am also a huge football fan rangers being my team i wish i could attend this party i'm sure wullie will look great in a rangers striprangers are due to play oor biggest rivals celtic in the final of the cis insurance cup on the 15th of this month if we win you could reference this on your trophy and really impress the in-laws some wording suggestions1- "help ma boab it's your birthday"2- "your how many years auld"3-"glesga rangers"4-"oor...
Thanks so much guys for all your help will try these methods and try to order it online Tracey please,please post a picture of your "our wullie" cake i have never seen him on a cake before what a great idea
Hi all i have been finding it difficult to get flesh coloured colouring here in the uk and was wondering if anyone knew which colour i could use someone suggested paprika but i can't seem to get that either Any ideas? i use them all the time for my cake supplies their customer service is second to none and they have gone way,way beyond the call of duty for me on more than one occasion.hope this helps please post here and let us know how you got on.
I have a 21st cake in april and would like to know how to do this too so i can make it the topper for the cake also how far in advance can this be made?
wow congratulations may you win many,many more competitions in the future
Thanks for your reply i will stick with my original plans.
Hi all, i am planning on making my first stacked cake for my boss's sisters 21st and i am going to use the tailored tiers cake stand and insert pictures.I was going to make both tiers (6"&10") white then put coloured ribbon coming up the sides of the bottom tier and sprinkle small fondant 21's all over the top tier using the same colours as the ribbons with a large 21 on the top.Do you guys have any other ideas or does this sound ok? should i keep both tiers the same?Any...
Hi allI am leaving bonnie Scotland behind for a shopping trip to nyc for 2 weeks in november and would like to bring back some cake decorating supplies (tools,pans,equipment etc) and was wondering if anyone could recommend anywhere to go shopping.I will have three very large suitcases with me lol!!Thanks
Thanks for the advice i will try it out and see hoe it goes
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