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Thanks most appreciated
Hi all, i would like to make a 3d shoe for a cake i will be making in the new year and was wondering if anyone could tell me where i might be able to buy the fantastic formers to allow me to do this preferably in the uk.Many Thanks
I can't wait to go back you will have a blast
Hi all, I had the privilege of attending lorraine mckays workshop in west calder on saturday and (a gift for my birthday) just wanted to say what an amazing,talented wonderful person she is i learned so,so much made my first face,first teddy,first hand just so amazing to be sitting beside her (almost on her knee lol!!) and to experience her amazing work first hand she was a joy to watch and a pleasure to be around.I also got a brand spanking new kitchenaid from my...
oohh lucky you enjoy
great cake great guy you are a lucky girlHappy birthday
thanks guys i knew you would be the only other people who would really appreciate how i feel i'm fit to BURST right now with excitement.Only 9 days 13hrs to go YEAH
Its my birthday on monday 4th of may and my sister was asking me lots of questions then finally gave in and told me that she has paid for me to go Lorraine Mckay's (aine2) worshop on the 9th of may.All i do i have taught myself (just need to work on my IT skills to upload pics lol) so i am super EXCITED AND WISHING THE DAYS AWAY 10 DAYS 12 HOURS AND COUNTING
uggghhh been there done it not pleasant here's to a speedy recovery with lots of rest and happy caking
Hi all i can't believe its taken us uk'ers so long to have our very own thread i am delighted and will be keeping an eye on this more google for me on the american ingredients and some great recipes to try Thanks
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