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Thanks for taking the time to reply the advice it's most appreciated
Hi again anyone have any ideas on this?
Hi all Im planning on making cupcakes and using white chocolate ganash to frost them with will this work? or would it set too hard?If this will work can i colour and flavour it with normal paste and food colours and flavours?I would like to colour it pink and flavour it strawberry.Any help with this would be most appreciatedThanks
Wish you lots of luck and if they don't snap them up they must be mad
A HUGE thanks guys I'll check these out and order them I'm making the "scrub up" cake from Debbie Browns extra naughty cakes book the bigger of the two cutters is for the tiles around the bath and the tiny one is for the floor tiles that go in between the larger ones.I was thinking that i was going to have to mark this cake out with a ruler as i had come to a brick wall in my search for these but the cutter would just make it so much more effective.You guys are great I...
Hi guys, I'm really struggling trying to find small cutters i need a 1cm and 2.5 cm square cutters and just can't find them anywhere i've found plenty of square sets in tins etc but none have any that small.If anyone knows where i may get these it would be most appreciated.Thanks guys
Some great ideas guys I like both the moving truck and the boxes I've hit to make a decision and stick to it thanks for giving me the choice
Hi guys, one of my best friends is moving out of the house she shares with three friends and moving in with her boyfriend and she is having a big moving out party and i've been nominated to bring cake.I've no idea what design to make and after searching online i've not had much success other than some very cute moving boxes with labels etcAnyone have any ideas or have made a large moving out brown box to help me with instructions?Many thanks in advance
Thanks for your replies, we're staying in a villa outside Disney and they are providing a small cake for the ceremony but my sister would like to have something on display at the meal which we are having in the celebration hotel so she can have pics taken cutting the cake etc Will keep you posted when I get a soloution to this problemthanks again
Hi guys,I am due to travel to florida in november for my sisters wedding in disney(if any of you guys remember my last post about her cake for her hen night which was trashed by the hotel after i flew with it from Dublin to Glasgow then the wedding was cancelled in april because of the volcanic ash so after many tears and heartbreak and a lot of lost money we're all set to go again in nov ) she would like me to do her cake however i'm sure you'll agree that flying with...
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