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Theresaf,rement333,&lovelyladylibra - thank you all so much for your kind words my osteopath is excellent and I've great faith in her and hopefully I'll manage a good recovery without the surgery. Some great ideas and inspiration from you all as always 😃 Many thanks
Hi AnnieCahill Keeping it simple is the most sensible thing to do sometimes I just forget how nice the simple things can be. Thanks for the reply
Hey hotpink lipgloss, Great idea which would save me from piping at all until I'm hopefully 100% better. I'll have a search for those moulds wouldn't get them here in Dublin. Thanks so much for the pic having an image is so so helpful.
Hi Katzita I'll certainly take a look at your web page I can sympathise with the ulnar nerve problem it's extremely painful and I'm hoping I'll be able to avoid surgery I think the 6-8 week recovery would be enough to drive me slowly insane 😁 Thanks for the reply
Hi cakemann Thanks for the reply I'll check out those websites site for some ideas Thanks again 😃
It's only the one side my right side........and I'm right handed of course 😡. You really are a forum superstar thank you for all the trouble you went to. It's most appreciated. 😀
Hi K8memphis First of all I'm impressed with your knowledge on the whole ulnar nerve it's effecting every where you've mentioned 😫. Love your ideas believe it or not the knife one made me laugh out loud she would appreciate that one too and the fingers gives me lots to think about Thank you for the swift reply and fantastic ideas
Hi fellow cc'ers I've recently been attending the local osteopath for a trapped ulnar nerve which has left me unable to do lots of things in my daily life including any cake at all 😿. This lady has just been wonderful and may just save me from going under the surgeons knife. I'd like to, when I feel better, make her some cupcakes as I won't manage a cake and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to decorate them? I've seen some nice thank you designs but she is so...
I really wish someone would try and help to resolve this as I feel so rude not being able to acknowledge comments left on my own cakes as well as being unable to compliment on others.
Hi all cc'ers I'm having more trouble posting comments on cakes including thanking people for taking the time to post on my own. As I'm using an iPad I've switched to both mobile and desktop versions but when I try to post thank you msgs on my own cakes it states that there is no mobile version of this page yet. Any help with this would be most appreciated Thanks Dee
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