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I use Kroger's brand a lot and I haven't an issue with adding color either. The only time I've had trouble with the Kroger brand is when I keep reheating the coating several times - that's when it get's to thick to handle.
I don't know if this question has been asked but does anyone else have frustration with Satin Ice's black fondant? I love the consistency it has, easy to work with etc....BUT when I use it to cut out shapes and it starts to dry, the shapes end up with the "elephant skin". I apply shorting to the piece afterwards - but I wouldn't think to add the shorting prior because the fondant is so moist to being with. Does any one else share my frustration or it is just my craziness?
Thanks! I'll give that a try!
I made candy clay with Merken's black chocolate with 1/4 c of corn syrup... mixture is OK but does not roll out very nice - is there anything I can do to make it more "rollable"? shorting?thanks in advance!
Hi - I am planning to make a lemon cake with raspeberry jam as the filling. The cake is for this Sunday, I will be dropping it off to the customer on Sat. Does the cake need to be refrigerated until Sunday? I've read in some places you don't need to and you do need to....(googling). So I thought I would ask you guys..... Thanks!
Seeking advice.....Last night, I had a heck of a time trying to crumbcoat a sculpted cake - the BC wouldn't stick to the sides of the cake that were sculpted. The more I moved the more crumbs I got and frosting still stuck to the spatula. The cake was cold but not frozen. I even tried to make the icing thinner but that didn't help. I never had this much difficulty before. I eventually got the cake covered - it literally was a "crumb"coat. Does anyone know what I could've...
My victoria sponge cake came out dry....what did you do to make it moist?
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