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The cake I'm doing for Saturday has a rather heavy and sizable figurine as the topper. The top tier of the cake is an 8" round and the base of the figurine is approximately 5" in diameter. My plan is to put supports in the 8" and place a 6" plate on top just as if another tier of cake were going to be put in place. Then, the figurine can be placed on top of the plate and be fully supported! HTH
Hi, everyone! I'm making a wedding cake for some friends this weekend. That's going fine... however their groom's cake is not. It was made by someone else and has been refrigerated at the MOB's house. All I know at the moment is that it is chocolate buttercream and is sweating like mad. I'm going to try and help them salvage, but I work mostly in fondant, so am out of my depth.Do y'all have any advice for ways to remedy (or at least lessen) the situation?Thanks so much for...
Good idea! Thanks for sharing!
Just an idea:Use a measuring cup of water to fill the cake pan to the height recommended for the batter. Add up how many cups of water it took and you will have an estimate of cake batter necessary to fill the pan to that same height.I use this idea for unknown pans the first go round then make a note of what was needed!
I live in Alabama; it's already topping 80 here and in summer 100 degrees is nothing. Humidity year round runs 80-100 %; summer is generally no lower than 95%. As for outdoor weddings, an all shortening buttercream has worked fine for me. I've yet to have a problem with MMF or Rhonda's ultimate mmf. Now I have a 6 tier cake coming up in June which will be covered with Choco-pan. That is going to be the true test!Side note: DH's family is in Illinois. We go there to cool...
I second Kiddiekakes method!I've also used a Wilton color called Copper which gives a deep clay color. Actually one of the prettier colors I've made with a Wilton product!
I so agree about the older techniques! It looks extraordinarily complicated until it's broken down.
Thanks so much to everyone for replying ! The name makes sense now that I see it. I may just have to play with that idea now...Thanks 7yyrt for going to so much trouble to help me out!
Good Morning!I'm planning to take a few of the advanced courses at the Wilton school later this year. Reading through the descriptions I was familiar with most of the things discussed. However, in the Master Course it mentions chandelier and reverse chandelier borders.Does anyone know what this looks like? I'll admit my curiosity was peaked when I couldn't find a description or picture on Wilton, CC or google!TIA for asuaging my curiosity! [/i]
A pillow cake & a thoroughly custom gumpaste mask.I personally wouldn't make it for $300. That isn't just cake for 30 or 40 people. It's custom art which happens to be edible. JMHOI would love to see the cake version!
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