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I need help figuring out what size pans for a 4 tiered cake to serve about 250 people that would look "right" also.  Thanks.   Linda
Does anyone know how this lace pattern was done?  Thanks.  Not the bottom but the rest of it.
Thanks so much!!!   Linda
Can I attach fondant ruffles to a buttercream cake?  Thanks.   Linda
I highly recommend Nicholas Lodge.  I drive 3 hours to take his classes.
Thank you so much!  I appreciate your help!
To make the tiers.... if they are 3 or 4 layers tall... do you bake and then torte the layers or bake separately?  Can all 3 or 4 layers be stacked together or do they need extra support/board?     Thanks
I've used them only on buttercream.  I watched the tutorial and had no problems.
What causes this?  The icing poofed out... it wasn't that way until I moved the cake to the car today.  What did I do to cause this?
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