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As a novice, you probably do not have an airbrush - try canned lustre spray works beautifully. Just like when you spray paint, you need to do several THIN coats so it doesnt go on too think and drip.Good luck on your cake!
Ashley - I would suggest using this method/recipe (sugarshack's): use 1/2 butter and 1/2 hi-ratio shortening and add 1t salt (cuts the sweetness) with the liquids while creaming the fats - this buttercream is a dream to work with.Good luck!!
A light dusting of cocoa powder should work
As jason_kraft mentioned a 6/8/10 will feed 74 and what should be charged is based on the cost of making the cake + profit margin. Please do not use straws to support your tiered cakes, it doesn't matter how far they are travelling, straws are not sturdy enough to support the cakes above. Look into SPS supports, they are well worth the money!
Butter cream is gluten free as long as you are sing a gluten free vanilla
King Arthur Flour has a gluten free vanilla recipe that has gotten some very good reviews: luck!
Kara from A Cake to Remember has an etsy shop and does custom flowers - check with her:!/acaketoremember/app_260931357334048
I do similar to Rae - top page fondant curled and comed sides of the cake
Nicely done! Your roses are beautiful.Congratulations on your daughter's graduation
Here is the template I use:
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