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Hello! I have been searching and searching for a picture I saw in the past, bookmarked, but my bookmarks got deleted. I'm looking for a picture of a round or oval cookie with textured rolled buttercream/fondant that has been brushed with pearl dust. If you have made a cookie like this or know of a picture, would you mind posting a link please? I can find pictures of hearts, snowflakes, or dresses with the textured fondant, but not the circles. Thanks so much for the help! Here is a tutorial for a fondant unicorn. Perhaps it will give you some ideas that you can translate into a cake. Also, if you google horse cake tutorial, there are a few for flat face cakes.
I just watched the second video again, this time to the end. She also shows using luster dust with water and it looks pretty good.
Those appear to be done with the disco dust brushed onto the chocolate that has been wet with water. I found some videos on You Tube to show how to do it. In this video the person wets the chocolate, then brushes disco dust onto the chocolate. All the glitter falls off, so I wonder if disco dust has luster dust mixed in with the glitter. Perhaps it is better to use the wet method with the luster...
The idea of the cascading wedding cake stands would work well. Just make individual cakes, the way you are used to doing, and put them on the individual stands. Here are some ideas. A cupcake tower with a cake at the top is also a good idea.
Or maybe use blanched almonds? The macarons at this blog look pretty white. You will have to use the translator link they provided on the right side.
Perhaps you could use powdered coconut or coconut flour instead of the almond?
After reading your description of what she wanted and didn't want, I expected to see a chocolate colored cake, rough iced, with buttercream fall flowers in natural colors, such as burnt orange, deep yellow, deep red. She said no weird colors, which to me meant no blues, neon, hot pink, etc., just natural fall colors, such as you would find at a nursery at this time of year. Here are some pics I found online with buttercream flowers. Perhaps that is more along the lines of...
Iced Life sounds like some kind of a church. Otherwise, without the word bakery, I would have no idea what kind of a business it is. Special Ocakesions is difficult to say. Also, with the capital O in front of the c, my mind keeps thinking 'Coke' and it's making me thirsty. The Ice is Right sounds like a game show, or a place that sells ice or dry ice. Or reminds me of Vanilla Ice, and now I have the song stuck in my head! Bake Me a Cake is nice. I voted for The Cake...
What if you crumble the cake, spread the crumbs on a baking sheet, and put it in a very low oven for a bit to dry out the crumbs a little. Let cool, then add the alcohol.
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