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  Perfect - thanks for the quick response!  You're always so helpful! :)
So I've been taking a break from caking, but have two coming up pretty shortly.  After checking the google doc, I saw that the ratio has changed a bit due to the smaller cake mix sizes:   "With the new sizes of cake mixes, the only change I recommend is reducing the sugar from 2 cups to 1-3/4 cups. The batter will not fill the pans as much as it used to, so I have been simply adding an extra cup of cake mix for my 9” pans without any other addition of ingredients. For...
Hi MacsMom!  I'm going to be making the snickerdoodle cake off the google doc, which I've made in the past.  I've never noticed or added the cinnamon extract.  What brand do you recommend?  I'm nervous about adding a cinnamon extract, that it will end up being more "red hot candy" cinnamon than snickerdoodle cinnamon.  Thanks for your help!  
It works now!  Thank you so much! :)
Yep!  Me too.  I've been having the problem for the last several days.  I'm not sure what's going on though. :(
I made a Yoda cake last year, and what I did for his ridges was to make the ridges where they should be under the layer of fondant that would be his skin. Just make little ropes of fondant and place them around his eyes, then when you add the white fondant as his skin, smooth it around the ropes you previously put down.I would probably use black fondant, but that's more to do with the fact that I have shaky hands and painting doesn't usually work out for me.Good luck!
The raspberry filling I use is one I found on here (I can't remember who originally posted it, though). I heat up a jar of raspberry preserves and stir in a box of raspberry jello to thicken it up. It's delicious and super easy.
My direct supervisor and one of the other supervisors are female - the third is male. I don't really know anything about any of their interests - I just started in July. They all seem pretty laid back. We work for an auto underwriting department at a large insurance corporation. Thanks for any ideas you might have to offer! For some reason, I'm stumped.
I work at a large insurance corporation, and I've been put in charge of making a cake for the three leaders of our department. I think it would be easiest to do a sheet cake, but I don't ever make them. Any ideas on a cute, relatively easy design for bosses' day?
I bought a small piece of plastic canvas at Hobby Lobby and just pressed that into the frosting - I use a crusting buttercream, but I'm sure it would work on fondant as well. Good luck!
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