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yeah i use some really nice bags that have a self seal on it but i was just hoping to do some decorating ahead of time. i think i might try a test batch i still have 3 weeks until the bake sale. thanks
this is just what i was looking for. but i have another question that stems from this-so can you decorate a cookie with RI and freeze? i'm going into a craft/bake sale and would prefer to not be up all night(s) before. will a decorated cookie freeze well?
i agree about the tracer/kopykat thing, can you draw on cookies with a foodsafe pencil first?
don't be discouraged! everyone's been through those kinds of trials. i find that i like inserting the stick into the raw cookie, (i use bamboo skewers) and slowly twist and push it in. i make the cookies a bit thicker too to accomidate the stick. sometimes you just have to go back to the begining though it is sucky to seem like you wasted a day! don't give up and good luck!
i found a great fishing tackle box-has lots of little compartments, drawers and cubbies-plus it's a fraction of the price as a for cake with a brand name on it. for my cookie cutters (if you have them) i've got clear tupperware the kind with clip on lids and a handle. separated into seasons/holidays. good luck!
are you punching the holes in the bag(i know it's a silly question) and tying the paper and ribbon through the bag? how do the cookies stay fresh?
is it possible that they are stolen pics? i really hope that some poor bride doesn't order off CL-seems like a terrible scam and you will only get what you pay for that's sad even if she looks talented.
i just did a cake like that this weekend!! now it ended up half mine no way to salvage the bottom tier!! i wanted to cry and throw the cake against the wall!! atleast the kids are enjoying the just bad looking cake! hehe
i wasn't sure that i could refridgerate fondant. thanks for reminding me about the matts great tip and i definately want to have some ice packs around it.
not from MI but from what i just read as i understand it you cannot SELL over the internet so ship orders. it's suppose to be locally ie farmer's markets and venues of that sort though if you are using it to market yourself locally, get contacts or place orders-it could be touchy seeing that the essence is that Cottage Food products aren't regulated. hope that helps
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