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Thanks, I may try it that way!
Hi! I'm planning on making some ice cream cone cupcakes this weekend for a little girls' birthday question is, do I need to bake them the day I am planning to serve them, or can I bake/frost them the day before?I have seen so much about them getting soggy, and I don't want soggy ice cream cones! What's the best way to store/transport them?Thanks for your help!Susan
Question..........does damp weather have an effect on fondant figures? I made a Mickey Mouse out of fondant, and it seemed to dry just fine, and since it has rained the past two days, it is wanting to fall apart!!!!!!!!! That's the only thing I can think of............I had it 'glued' together with piping gel, and now it's not staying together!!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions??????? Thanks!
Hi! I am wanting to make a cupcake tower using glass cake plates and foam core; I have seen a couple on here, and they used silicone question is, what is silicone glue? And will I be able to take this apart afterwards?I don't want to ruin the glass cake plates!! What is best to glue these two together? Thanks for your help!
So, how many 'scoops' of batter do you need to fill the liners? Regular liners or minis?mini scooper or regular scooper?Can't wait to try this!!!!!!
you can also do a Google search for "baby shoe template cake central" and it will be the first one there! I use Google a lot for template searches, because most of the time when I try to search CC for something I can never find can virtually find anything if you Google it, and put cake central after it! Hope that helps!!!Susan
I just tried this recipe this weekend, and it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Plus, it makes a TON of icing!!!!!!!! Thanks mamawrobin and indydebi!!!!!!! I have found a keeper!!!!!!!!
Yeah, you're totally right............I DID ask for it.............and I got it.........but I tasted the cake as I leveled it (bad habit!) and it was good, really good........and my son tried the fudge filling (melted chocolate chips and sweetend condensed milk - he loved it! - what's NOT to love about fudge!) so I thought they would love it.........but like I said, you just can't please all the people all the time!!!!!!!So I have learned my lesson..................don't...
The mint was my daughter's idea for her birthday cake this year, and it's become kind of my 'signature''s the Amazing WASC chocolate cake recipe with mint buttercream filling, covered in mint flavored chocolate as for myself......not that much of a mint chocolate lover, but this cake is killer good!
Yes, it must have been chocolate overload.........some people like it, some don't..........just like the fondant...........but that's what she wanted, and I was trying to make her time someone requests this I'll suggest that maybe they don't go with so much all really have helped me feel better!!!!!
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