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Thank you everyone for your help. The flowers will be in a glass enclosed shadowbox, so I think that should be good enough. Sounds like no spray.
I recently made gum paste flowers for my son and new daughter-in-law's wedding cake. I would like to use the flowers in a wedding inspired shadow box.I know gum paste flowers can last a long time but has anyone ever tried spraying them with a polyurethane or some type of varnish or shellack to preserve them and how did it work? Obviously they will not be eaten. Thanks in advance for your answers.
I'm sure there has been a post on the subject of ruffly or should I say ragged roses but I can't seem to find the thread. I want to know how to prevent the ragged edges that my buttercream roses tend to get. I've tried thinning the icing but then the roses flatten out or topple over. I've also tried adding piping gel. Just can't seem to get a smooth edge. Thanks for any help.
Thanks for your help. Yes the royal icing is going to be piped onto the buttercream around the applique. I'll give it plenty of time to dry.
I'm doing a 3 tier wedding cake for a friend. The 14" bottom will be a dummy cake, the 10" and 6" layers are cake.The bride wants it all covered in buttercream. My question is; will this make the cake top heavy and what should I do to alleviate the problem? Also, I'm planning on doing some applique in fondant but would like to outline the applique with royal icing and then paint gold. Will the royal dry enough when applied to buttercream to paint? Fondant just isn't big in...
How about a frozen buttercream transfer of a John Deere Tractor and farmer on it for $50 .
Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know. You've been a great help!
Thanks so much for the tutorial. Good instructions. Do you add anything to the fondant to make it dry quickly?
How about laminating the message.You can buy laminating paper at Walmart or Office Max. It's clear and sticky on one side. You just peel off the paper backing and carefully place on message. You could do both sides to make it sturdier.
Does anyone have a good recipe for a frosting that is "not too sweet" but I can still use to do simple borders and decorations with on a cake or cupcake?I've had a couple of people ask me lately for icing that isn't too sweet. I normally use a basic butter cream recipe.
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