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Liniti.... I have said that!Had a couple who had received all info via e-mail (including pricing, so they could have figured an approximate price their ownselves. Went through a consultation with samples and all and I said the final price. Then HE says... well, I'd like to talk about the price (every fiber of my being KNEW what was going to happen). I said, well, we just did. He said.... We'd like to negotiate the price with you. Me: My prices are non-negotiable. This...
I'm closed on Sunday and Monday. When I first opened my store I was only closed on Sunday and that lasted about 2 months. Every Sunday I found myself laying on the soffa unable to function, and crying because I didn't want to work the next day. I had no time for errands, laundry, bank and post office, etc.After a couple of weeks of being closed on Sundays and Mondays I felt like a new person.When I say closed I really mean CLOSED. No cake pick-ups, no going in to *just...
Tell her to be sure and send you pictures.
I've never even heard of them. Where are they located? What have they done?I hope everything works out!
I purchased a styrofoam cutter at the hardware store and make my own.
I never hold a date without a retainer.As for these customers, just let it go. There'll be others who are willing to pay what your cakes are worth.
To answer your demand.....The first cake: I know I've seen it somewhere, but I don't think I've seen it here.The second cake: I have seen a pic in the gallery here. I'm pretty sure the designer is from Soouth America, but not 100% sure.
Cottage, more likely! Dh's family have owned it for years. No luxuries here, folks..... except for the 500 meters to the beach.
Geez, Ruth, tell me about it!!!!Gah. I'm closing over Easter and we'll be att our beach house for 5½ days. Can't wait.
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