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I made a tree on a "jungle" baby shower cake. I used a large pretzel stick for the trunk, then made leaves & coconuts from fondant. You will need to let the leaves dry then attach them to the tree with gumpaste glue and hold it for awhile. I will try to attach the photo if I can find it.
I have used a recipe called 'Royal Butter Creme Icing". I used it to make flowers ahead of time. They set out and dry hard but are not the hard candy or reg. royal icing. If you would like the recipe just pm me. Not sure how the figures would work but should stand up good once they are dried.
ali79756,I was wondering if you looked at the site I pm'd you about. Hope you found something that helps. I have trouble with daisies too. Don't know why since I can do other flowers just fine. I need to see a visual tutorial I think.
LP4702,I have posted photos of both the 4 tier wedding cake and the groom's cake (he is a pipefitter) in my photos. It was a lot of work, but my niece loved it and I received many compliments. Someone even wanted to talk to me about a cake which I turned down. This is just a hobby I do for family and church. I am glad I finally got to do a wedding cake though.
This is for a niece's wedding so I hope it turns out nice for her. I am glad she wanted to let me practice with her special day. I told her I have never done one and she still asked me to do it. Gosh, not sure the stress is worth the practice or the cost. I do love her though.
I use powdered sugar but they also say you can use cornstarch. I didn't know this at first and the top of the bottom tier was a mess under the board. I am doing my first 4 tier this weekend so hope I remember all these little tricks.good luck with your cake.
I use Baker's Joy all the time. You do have to watch not to over spray. Do you use bake-even stips to eliminate some of the dome problem?
I am doing a wedding cake and groom's cake for my niece for next Saturday, which means I will have a busy week. My question is about the groom's cake which is supposed to be a hard hat and tools for a pipefitter. Thanks to CC I have found good photos. I baked a 9 x 13 chocolate cake today for base. I also baked a chocolate cake in a round stainless steel bowl to practice the hard hat. After I carved, shaped and crumb coated it looks pretty good. Now I am afraid I may...
Anyone have an answer on flavoring Wilton fondant?
First let me congradulate you on the new job. Now to answer your question ( no question is dumb..just a process of learning and growing). A smash cake is a small cake for a child's birthday (usually the first) that is for the child to enjoy as they wish. It is usually decorated to compliment and go with the birthday cake. This leaves you with a nice cake for serving that hasn't had little fingers in it. Not to mention when they like to put their face in it. Hope this...
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