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I also have the wilton large cake leveler but I love mine. I have been using it for about two years now and couldn't get along without it. Being a longer blade you must assure that you do not contact the cake with the middle of the blade and then press the feet to the table or it will bow up. But I have had no issues that were not operator error with mine.
When I have applied ribbon to buttercreme I let the buttercreme crust and then use a very thin layer of piping gel between it and the frosting. The piping gel can be thinned with a very little bit of vodka.
Try KCJ Vanilla. Just google the name and you will find them. I advise that unless you have a great post office and postman, do not order on a limited time frame. She only ships using USPS and I find them completely unreliable. That lady is great and the products are phenomenal.
Ok, thanks to my niece I am facing yet another cake challenge. I have everything figured out with one exception. The cakeboard is to be covered in fondant and made to look like a ceramic tile floor. Other than the edible spray laquer at $30 a can, I need suggestions on how to get a gloss on that floor. I have thought about using piping gel but I am not even real sure how to go about doing that. Any and all help would be appreciated.dixiepixie0634
Unless you need to sculpt or stack high, in my humble opinion, the best choco cake recipe I have come across so far is Hershey's. It is on the cocoa package and on the website. It is simple, moist and delicious. It is a heavy cake and not suitable at all for sculpting or standing of any kind.
I was wondering if there is any way to make piping gel taste good. Or if perhaps there is another way to get the same appearance of piping gel that tastes better. Any ideas would be appreciated.thanks, Kelly
Depending on personal feelings of course, you could use the theme of a family tree that starts with him in his birth year. You could mark it according to births and important events in his life and finish it with an open-ended present day 100th B-day marker. On a personal note, if he is a military veteran, please tell him that I said, "Thank you".Kelly
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