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Does anyone know where I could buy a cinderella barbie to stick in the barbie dress cake?
thanks so much everyone for your responses. I have one more question...can I make the fondant decorations a day before or so and just let them sit out? Or do they need to be covered up or put in a container?
I've only used fondant once and it was a couple of years ago...I want to make a buttercream iced cake and then just put some fondant decorations on top, is that something that's possible? Or is it not good to have fondant decorations on buttercream? Help fast please, I've got to make my husbands university graduation cake today.
I saw some awesome big roses on cakes at bakeries and I was wondering what base tip I need to do those...does anyone know? To make regular sized roses I use base tip 12 and rose tip 104 and I have a big rose tip, tip 127 but I no big base tip. Also will I need to get a bigger flower nail? I don't even know if they make that stuff. So someone please, if you can shed a little light I'd be very appreciative, I'd really like to make some nice big roses for my birthday cake...
so could you use ribbon on a buttercream cake then too?
i'm doing a buttercream wedding cake and they want a ribbon border, can you do that? will the crisco soak through the ribbon and discolor it at all? what should I do?
Thanks! Man, everyone is so quick on this site! I gotta learn to be faster; so much to take in at first!
has anyone ever done or seen a wedding cake w/kinda different would be a 6", 9" and 14"....would that look wierd?
does mmf just stand for fondant?
When I set up my wedding cake that is half styrofoam and half real cake, how do I do that? I'm guessing the bottom few layers that I do that are styrofoam can just stand by themselves w/no support(dowels or cake separator plates) but then when I put the next two real cake layers on top of that should I just set those up as if they're the only ones and put dowels through them and cake separator plates and all that? Also if I want to use my styrofoam cake again and i'm...
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