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Thank you, that was very helpful
Does anybody know? I'm very interested in getting them, and have done several searches to try and find a serving chart. Even if someone knows an equation to figure it out myself it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for all of the great input and advice, it has definitely helped allevieate some of my anxiety. I will be looking at my local Kroger (the largest chain in our immediate area) and see what they have to offer. If they do not have what I need, I've found a couple of things on-line, and the client has replied saying that even if I can do mostly organic that is fine too (thank goodness!).
Hi all, I have a potential client, (a big one because she is an event co-ordinator and would refer a lot of clientel to me if she is happy) who prefers all organic. This is a big step into the unkown for me. The ingredients that I use are through the bakery that I work with and are all purchased in bulk, and as far as I know, there are no organic food stores near me. My question is this. Do any of you have experience with organic cakes or fondant? Is there any way...
Thanks to you all for your time, compliments and advice! I've tweeked the pricing page... and am looking to improve my picture backgrounds. Thinking about posting my photo... just haven't had one taken in about 5 years!Bakermommy4, you are welcome to use my site as a template if you want, I'm flattered! Good luck!
Mellormom, thanks for your compliment and advice... I've tried to use backgrounds when possible (once I thought to use them) I know someone posted a site to edit pictures with bad backgrounds, but I have no idea where, hopefully they will re-post it here so that I can look into it and improve my photos.
Thanks bakermommy4, I tried spacing a little differently on the pricing page, and added bullets... moved a couple of things to hopefully make it flow better. Thanks for you input and compliments!
Hi all, I just started my own business and made up a webpage... I've had minimal input from friends, but really need some input/advice from those who know what's going on and what works. So, if you have a minute, and don't mind, please take a look at my site and let me know what I could do to improve it and make it customer friendly.Thanks a ton!
Thanks so much, I will definitely be looking into the SPS then!
Wow, Thank you all so much! My notifications aren't working, so I didn't know anybody had replied (the last time I checked nobody had) It is indeed by Cake Girls in Chicago. Believe it or not by dad looked for all of 30 seconds and found the darn thing with a link to whose it is! It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes can find!
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