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This helps a lot!  I do a lot of odd size cakes (current fave is the 7 inch round) -- this will help a lot!  Thanks for sharing! :D
Okay, nevermind!  I heard from Jamie today -- they have some things going on and got backlogged.  I just overreacted! :D  It's all good!  :D
Jeanne, are you sure?  What I'm looking at on FB is something from November, 2013.     Bagomom, that's the email address I used.  I think I used another one too, found on Paypal, but I'm not sure.       This is very odd!!  
Hi Everyone!    Does anyone know what happened to the cookie cutter business Ecrandal?  I've tried emailing them for a month now and I ordered two cutters -- have heard NOTHING.  NADA.  I'm worried about them, they are a small, family owned business and it's not like them to go off the grid like this.  Has anyone heard anything?  
That's nothing new.  I'm trying to take advantage of the one day sale and the discount code doesn't work!   FEBFLASH10
I don't see a signature for you hun.
You might tell that to Martha Stewart, who has made her reputation doing that (AND profiting from it.)
Hello Everyone, Here is the latest updated list for the recipe links. Please note, some of our popular google documents now require "permission to access". I DO NOT have this permission, nor can I give it. Please go to the proper thread and request permission there. Thank you. ~ Appetizers Thread: Doc Appetizers: ~ Bettercreme Fun Thread:...
Actually I have a different view of the candle thing -- I tell customers they can do what they want (and they do) but the truth is -- as cake decorators we go to extremes to provide food sanitation -- only to set a cake on fire, spit all over it and then serve it to people??? Ah NO! I don't do the candle thing. Nor will I eat cake that's been spit on. I let the customers know that too. Which is why my designs aren't the typical "birthday cake of the past" like what...
For completely scratch fondant I recommend Michelle Foster's Fondant (found in the recipe section here.) For semi-homemade fondant, I recommend Jennifer Dontz's fondant (recipe available on her DVD.) I've used both for years and get rave reviews for both.
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