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Orson Gygi sells Satin Ice. They're on 3500 S 300 W.
I live at a higher altitude too. I always cut the sugar in half when I make WASC. Mine never falls...  plus it has a much less gummy texture when the sugar is reduced.   
I've served a tall cake like this. (3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling.) Didn't torte it though... I thought torting the layers would make it more difficult to serve.) I used a stainless steel fish turner to serve the cake slices. Bed Bath & Beyond sells it. It worked really well! didn't cut the slices in half..... just left them whole. But remember it's 50% more cake per...
I've tried both Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla. I guess it just depends on what you're looking for if it's worth it or not.Tahitian vanilla has more of a fruity note to it. I think it works best with lighter more delicate flavored recipes. Madagascar vanilla has a much bolder and richer flavor. So it works well with flavors like chocolate or vanilla (if you want a rich vanilla flavor). Personally... I almost always use Madagascar, it works best with most of my...
Wow! Got it already!!!! Thanks so much guys... it's really a beautiful edition of the magazine.
I'm in the exact same boat as you... Got the first download, I've emailed them twice, and I'm not sure what my sub. number is either. I'm really looking forward to seeing this edition of the magazine. I hope they send me the info so I can download it soon.
Maple cinnamon buttercream with a cheesecake filling. YUM!
I think it also depends on which fondant recipe or brand you're using. I never had any issues refrigerating a fondant cake until one day I tried a new fondant recipe... disaster!!!! It was a complete mess! Since then I'll only use my standard recipe. Refrigerating cakes makes set up and delivery so much easier.!
I would use melted white chocolate or buttercream. The chocolate is definitely stronger and sets up very quickly. If your leaves are heavy at all... then I'd use white chocolate.I used buttercream on a cake that was decorated with thin gumpaste leaves. The buttercream gave me a little more time to shift and play around with the placement of the leaves before it dried. Here's a photo:
I make cymbals out of gumpaste all the time... and I roll them pretty thin. I've never had a problem if I give them plenty of time to dry completely! I cut a little piece off the top of a styrofoam ball for the center bell part. Then I place my gumpaste over the top and let it dry. Paint with gold dust and it's done. There's a picture of a cymbal in my photos of my drum wedge cake. HTH
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