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Thanks for sharing. I have to catch up on all the posts, love it
I agree I would also suggest using a plywood base and running a center dowell thru all layers to prevent slipping. HTH
so does the pam keep the ribbon from absorbing any more grease from the icing, having the same issue this weekend, TIA
I too live in Michigan and we were thrilled at the passing of the Cottage Law here. Every state is different though, but here we are still goverened under the Deptartment of Agriculture. You need to check with your states goverement, I am guessing it would still be Dept of Ag. In Mi a Cottage Law baker is required to bake and store all items for resale in the same area as she//he does for their family. The same with equipment. Cannot be done in another building (garage,...
I have the tiered cakes book, but it is not in there You should be able to order it from Wilton. HTH
Thanks everyone for the tips. Sharon, I think you hit it. It looks like lines to me. Getting ready to try another one this week. I will make the icing much thinner as I was just using your standard "Sugarshack", my all time favorite.
Have only done a couple of these, and even though the design comes out great, my icing does not "flood" together smoothly. Should I be using a thinner icing, a smaller tip, both? I am worried a thinner icing will not set properly.
These are amazing. I just stumbled into your post, thank you so much for sharing your unique technique. I just have to try this, maybe on a Christmas cake this week.
Icing can fix a multitude of sins, lol!
Good Luck on the challange!
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