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Any suggestions on what to charge if you're also putting a fondant ribbon and bow on each one???  I've never done them before either. :-/
Chocolate Mirror Icing. I know you can but, but I wonder if there are any good recipies to make at home? Looks sooo pretty!
[i] I've been seeing this Mirror Icing on several cakes and I'm wondering what this is. Can anyone tell me about it? Do you have to buy it or is a recipie for it? Thanks for any info!
I was wondering if anyone could tell we the best way to make a 3-D fish for a B-day cake I have coming up. I can mold the fish from rice crispie treats and cover it in fondant, but whats the best way to make the fish scales for them to look real?[iI've not done this before and really want to do a good job for an 80th B-day for a good friend's father! Thanks so much for any help!][/i]
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