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Hi peeps! Hope some know how to make pomelo shade fondant... i badly need your help...
    just want to share how my improvised hibiscus cutte turned out. i used a 5petal cutter then made holes at the middle using small heart cutters. snipped thtip of the petals using the edge of the small heat cutter. then cut the part where the stem like will go using a small kife.   thanks again k8memphis for inspiring me 
hi evryone i am wondering does anyone know how to make realistic mirror? Ive been dying to see one but unfortunately cant find a tutorial via google. hope someone could share how to achieve a close to real mirror.   TIA 
oh... thanks for replying so soon savahnnaquin. point taken. will dye my chocolate or ri =)
just a quick question ladies. i about to make my first loop bow fondant of course with tylose. can i put floral wires each and connect them together instead of using ri glue blob at the center and every layer? do you thing my plan is feasible my dear experts?    hope soembody can help me, pls :
    heres the pic of my shiny black car . i deluted thesuper black ck food color to vodka and paint away :     thanks for the help ladies :
hibiscus eh? Thanks for the info ddaigle. but i cant afford to buy ond.   imrpovising might be handy. planning to buy four leaf clover cutter then i will just make a stencil for the middle part and cut it manually. labor intensive but thats just me lol     thank you so much k8memphis, ur suggestion inspired me =)
hi. anybody know what flower cutter is used to achieve that look? Im refering to the flowers attached on the sides if this cake. a client went to me and asked me to replicate this one. of course i accepted it, thats why im here asking you my cake friends =)                     thanks in advance 
thank you for ur prompt reply. i  have to check if that is available locally here, i am from philippines. buying online might  not a good choice, the cake is due on sunday. thanks for your help k8memphis 
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