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aundrea, the walmart all veg shortening has more trans fats in it (crisco does not have any) which works better for crusting. if you dont have a walmart there,just look at the different brands that they do sell,and look at back label to see which one has the more trans fats. if you get a chance to try the high ratio,it works so much better than reg. shortening,especially if you live in hot humid place!
this just happened to me too on my last cake(disaster).i couldnt figure out if i had put to much frosting and maybe it was too hot and humid or if it was the flowers i was putting on the top edge that was pushing the frosting down. i dont know,but i couldnt or didnt have the time to fix it, was really disapointed in that cake. its happened before with some of my sheet cakes but it doesnt happen all the time,i dont get it!?
i agree sweetcakes,those shoe's are awesome!! of course all your cake's are amazing,but those shoe's... WOW!
how funny,we all kinda work the same! i need the tv on in the living room,just for the background noise,but not paying attention to whats on. i hate when someone walks into the kitchen,i will stop what im doing and look at them until they leave,then start back up again. it REALLY irritates me to be asked questions,while im in the kitchen working on a cake!!!
i super pearl dusted my self once,i had just bought it and wanted to see what it looked like. after about 5 minutes of trying to open it (killing my fingers) i finally used all the strength i had left and pulled hard,and POOF,all over me. thanks for the idea of the beverage opener,i never even thought of that!
i only have a year's worth of experience,but i would say putting to much filling in between my layers just to have i leak out after i had already frosted it! oh,and writing on a cake (my hand writing is HORRIBLE!) it really ruins the look of the cake!
had a lady call me to see if i could do a cake for her,but im not able to,so she said would make it herself but if i knew how she could make a ring cake. she said she was going to make to 8 in rounds,and wants to know if she just pushes them together to make it look like two rings? ive never done one, i wasn't sure what to tell her.its supposed to be a double ring cake for a grooms cake.should she cut just a little off the side of each cake and push them together so that...
i use to cut my boards also,but got tired of it. i do what PinkZiab does also,its so much easier!!!
wow,i cant get over how tall it was!! how many did it feed? its beautiful !!! love your dress,you both looked great!!
im making a cake for my sons girlfriends mom,and was asked if i could do a pineapple and strawberry filling.i have the recipes for them both from this site,but was wondering if instead of making them seperately,can i do the pineapple recipe and just cook the strawberries with it or vice versa? do you think the flavor of one will over power the other so that you cant taste the other,or will the flavor be off,or do you think the recipe will just not work for both...
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