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i have a cake to do like this next month,and had the same questions. hopefully someone who has done a cake like this can help!
i just bought some fondariffic,which on the tub it says it can last up to one year, and can be frozen. im not sure about the others.
ditto what you said wrightway777 !
what an adorable cake!! your zebra stripes are painted on so perfect and i love the eye's ! thanks for the instructions,would love to try this one day!
idreamofcakes you had me laughing so hard,because that is something i would do. for me,if i see a roach in the house, im reaching for ANYTHING that's close by... hair spray,bottle of 409,bottle of starch,what ever,and spraying that sucker to death!!! i so hate roaches since i was a kid! i remember we(my family) were traveling through texas one summer,this was years ago,but we stayed at a motel and were resting on the older brother was next to me,then i felt him hit...
well,even though the party got cancelled,im sure she's going to be real happy when you give her the cake! you did a great job on it!!
wow,kikifish,just wanted to say what a great job you did on your cake's! you definitly have talent!
ive tried it with a martha stewart hole punch with a certain design.after rolling out the fondant really thin and punching the design in,trying to get it out without tearing it or distorting it was i would think breaking it open would probably be better. i haven't had a chance to try it yet,but thats exactly what i thought of doing.just wasn't sure it would work if i broke it open,but i still would like to try.
i always put mine in the fridge,but never had a problem with them smelling like the fridge,usually the fridge smells like the cake...uummmm,smells good!
i would feel the same way,and would probably pull out one of my own pic's and say " here, show everybody this pic instead,its a better angle". dont worry though, the people they are showing the pic to, probably dont even notice all the bumps and finger marks,they only see what an awesome cake it is!!
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