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i vote for how to make a bottle mold,but what ever you decide to "teach" us first is going to be interesting!! can't wait!! i also remember in one of the threads you mentioned how to make a tiara with a mold,would love to see how thats done!
i got to see the video with you and martha stewart,when you made the flower and dog head lolly pops. AWESOME! can't wait to see other video's you come up with. im so excited to learn to learn something new! welcome to cc !!brenda
i like this one... 1/4 cup peanut butter 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup peanut butter chips 1/4 cup milk 1/2 cup brown sugarheat all ingredients in sauce pan until chips are melted. then let cool. and add in 1 teaspoon vanilla and 1/2 cup powered sugar and mix. add more sugar to get the consistancy you want. got this from the recipe section here on cc.really yummy!
that's fantastic!! great job!
i used a clay extruder to do my first tiara out of gumpaste, then just shaped it the way i wanted and added some gumpaste balls to look like jewels.
i use the ck brand high ratio shortening,and i got bubbles in my buttercream also. i have two tub's i have to use up,so i cant buy sweetex right now,but is there something i can do to prevent the bubbles, using the ck brand. not mixing it as long maybe or mixing at a low speed? any suggestions?
great! i'll try it! thanks
if i leave the color flow thick consistancy will it be ok to make a tiara with it or should i just make royal icing to do it. i had some color flow left over and was hoping to use it so it wouldn't go to waste,but if it won't work then i'll just make some RI. has anybody tried it? any suggestions? THANKS! brenda
shelly786, im not sure how big you want the shark to be,or if you wanted the shark to be cake or not,but i made a sheet cake (blue for water) then made a shark out of rkt.i just molded him(just top half of body with fin) and put fondant on top to cover it,and painted him the color i wanted,glued the eyes,teeth,and fin on after with edible glue. then i just stuck him on top of the cake and added white and blue frosting around him to look like waves around...
i've also used piping gel to attach fondant pieces to the side of buttercream,never had any problem with them falling off.
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