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this is the product i just tried yesterday.had never tried whipped cream for one of my cake's,always used regular buttercream. my son decided he doesn't like buttercream because its too sweet. so i bought this from a cake supply store to try it out. my two son's,my husband and a taste tester freind likes it better than buttercream now! huh!? well it easy to make,but cant smooth like buttercream,so thats going to be fustrating me now! no matter how hard i tried,i kept...
i tried mixing lemon curd with raspberry filling for a lemon cake and it was YUMMY!! i bet it would taste great with strawberry filling also,like RoccosMom suggested.
thanks for the suggestion kilikina_24,i may have to do that next time i try this combo.thanks!
it really was a wonderful flavor combo!! i want to continue to make this flavor combo,i guess there is no way to "fix" the sinking. i did use the flower nail and my stripes on them,but didnt help. thanks MacsMom!
was wondering if somebody could help me with this question. this weekend i made MacsMom's banana cake recipe and swirled it in with choc. cake batter,and used a caramel filling ( very YUMMY!!). i used an 8 and 10 in. round pan (3 in deep) and both of them sunk in the middle. i also just put the banana cake batter by itself in two 9 in round pan (2 in deep) and they both came out fine. why did the other two sink in the middle? was it because i swirled the two cake batters...
the one i made, i used 50/50 gumpaste/fondant and cut out a square,let it dry for a few days.the base i made of rkt's and covered in fondant. then "glued" the top to the base with melted chocolate.
MacsMom,i tried your lemon cake recipe with a lemon curd and raspberry filling. everybody LOVED it!! thanks again for providing so many wonderful recipes!
i used disco dust on the # 1 on my winnie the pooh and freinds cake,and i applied it just the way linstead said. use some edible glue,then sprinkle on the dd.
i did mine the same way also. just used white buttercream and colored different shades with my americolors.
thanks MacMom!! i appreciate that!!
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