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NO WAY!! you put too much work into those cake's for them to be sold so cheap. $25 !?? NO WAY!
i was told to put them into a ziplock bag,but take out as much air as you can from the bag before zipping it up.
zespri, for the link that 7yyrt provided,scroll down and you will find the "sketches and patterns" category. the shoe pattern would be in there.
i've done hobby decorating for two yrs now.
i use salted butter in my buttercream also. half butter,half high ratio shortening,with no problems. it always taste great,and sweet.
fantastic job,looks beautiful!
usually when i do a ct,i use the side thats facing down. in other words,after the choc has dried,i peel it off the parchment or cling wrap and use the smoother side which was face down.
if i use two nails, i spray my pan with " pam " or cake release,then put my nails in the middle of the pan about one inch apart,spray them a little with cake release and pour my batter in.
that is amazing!!! you put ALOT of work into it! fantastic job!
what exactly does using soda for a cake mix do for the cake? like strawberry wasc (strawberry soda) orange dreamcicle(orange soda). i've noticed that the cakes that i have added the soda to,have baked up so level and beautiful,no dome at all. even when i used my bake even strips and nail,with my regular cake recipes,i would still get a little dome,but when i use soda in the recipe i bakes up perfectly level. i love it! i made a choc cake yesterday and i used some diet dr....
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